Discussions need to be started!

Nannies need to be educated about what’s right and what isn’t!

Agencies need to understand that they have no product to sell if there are no nannies ready to take their jobs!
Not being put forward for a job because I ask for a higher rate is not correct.

Agencies need to inform their clients about different rates for nannies and let the prospective employers make the choice regarding my wages!

Agencies are not in control over who pays for ofsted. They are simply there to encourage negotiations!

Agencies should not have a say over what goes in my contract. They should refer clients to the ACAS or Voice The Union website for the correct guidelines. Agencies are there to connect a family and a nanny, to aid negotiations and to advice either party.

Regarding the aftercare that nanny agencies offer: what “aftercare”? I don’t recall ever having had a follow-up call or email asking how I am in my new role.

Nannies will not ring their agency when they encounter a problem with the job because they don’t trust the agency: agencies are known to place a new nanny without hesitation into a family where the previous nanny has warned them about the family’s “problem”.

I know agencies have a “black list” for nannies. These nannies have been judged and executed without their knowledge and without proper investigation.

To raise awareness we would like to hear and publish your nanny story, anonymously if preferred.
Please, send us your story via email!

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