I am a nanny of 28yrs experience and never in my career have I ever experienced a job like my last. I have now moved on so have put it down to bed. 
My contract was originally rushed through with only two days paid sick leave then statutory sick pay would commence as part of the deal. I was coerced by the agent in signing this as “I was getting so well paid”. I was in an awkward personal position so needed better pay and longer hours-I took the job. 

After my first year I came into work after the Christmas break a little croaky and coughing slightly, nothing I couldn’t  work through, afterall all nannies work through pretty much most illnesses . I had no idea one of my charges had been ill with a chesty cough over Christmas so wouldn’t have given it a second thought. I didnt feel ill.

 I was asked by my employer to go to the doctor as she really couldn’t bare if the 14 months old was sick again. I was diagnosed with viral tonsillitis and told by my GP that I could be infectious for 10 days!!! 

My initial thought was I will just work through as I felt I could but I was asked not to return or EVER work with anything potentially contagious. I didn’t get paid as I had used my two days sick allowance on a previous bug. 

How was this fair?

 I was in constant contact with bugs/germs and their coughs and runny noses so it was going be nigh on impossible to avoid everything but then be forced to stay home unpaid.

A while later I had a horrid chest infection and did take a week off as I felt awful, no pay but I expected that. I was offered the chance of weekend work to recoup my lost salary- over my dead body!!! 

As I felt able to work and was taking prescribed antibiotics, surely my bosses were being unreasonable when they sent me home. 

They continued to withhold pay for the duration of time I was on medication.

They were adamant about the matter and told me in no uncertain terms via “tag team” text messages. 

I would have been out of pocket and struggling again and again if I had stayed with them. Every germ the children caught was a potential salary drop for me. 

Never again!

I genuinely feel that if we are able to work and our employers reject that offer they should pay full salary. It is their choice not ours. 

Anyone else experienced this?


2 thoughts on “Unpaid sick leave by anonymous

  1. I’m a Nanny in London and its quite standard to get no sick pay. Legally you are entitled to sick pay after 2 years employment but I’ve had employers who argued with that. I find it important to bring up at interviews and then again when the contract is drawn up and remind parents of how vital a few days paged sick are when it’s likely their children who will infect us or children at the various locations I am required to take my charge.

    My current employers do not pay sick, I should have pushed this when I entered their employ 3 years ago but I had accepted a job I knew I would love when the mum sent me a casual message letting me know they can’t pay sick or they would need to lower my rate to account for this. I accepted and love my job but it’s the one thing I dread is illness. I generally work whilst unwell but there are times this isn’t possible.

    With my new job, I will start in September its one of the first things I raised and will be checking the contract carefully. We have to stand our ground. When I had the flu I had to take a week off which nearly crippled me financially. I can’t go through that again.


  2. In the UK you are absolutely legally entitled to statutory sick pay while you are employed and have a contract, I’m not sure where the person above got that it takes 2 years!! You just have to have been sick for more than 4 days in a row and get proof from a doctor after a week of illness, before that you are entitled to self certify. I’m afraid they have been grossly misinformed and should be checking the government website to know their rights.


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