We all negotiate and state our terms before employment starts. This can be difficult and stressful. There are certain things I like to mention to to make my working relationship start off on the right foot. 

I will not start a new position or stop searching for a new position until I have signed a binding contract.

I will not accept cash in hand for anything other than occasional work e.g. babysitting/ overtime. I will state I prefer to be asked in advance to babysit and to be finishing on time rather than being paid late fees.

Regular extra working hours will be going through the books and my contract will be updated accordingly.

I will contact any previous child carer you may have used for reference about the potential position.

I will meet and speak with every immediate family member before accepting a job offer.

I will ask questions regarding routine, discipline and preferences to ascertain if we are a good match in those respects.

I will provide information about me professionally e.g. references, certificates.

My contract will state that my employer is financially responsible for the upkeep of my first aid certificate and Ofsted registration.

My contract will also state the charges for petrol, petty cash, overtime (including babysitting and late fees) and car valet up to 4 times a year unless unforeseen circumstances demand for more.

I will negotiate 10 days paid sick leave per year.

I would want employers to understand that if a person doesn’t feel valued and isn’t rewarded for their work it is no surprise for motivation, self worth, initiative and enthusiasm to decline rapidly. 

Payrise should be (whilst at their discretion) in line with rising costs of living.

Please, feel free to add what is important to you!

To raise awareness we would like to hear and publish your nanny story, anonymously if preferred. Please, send us your story via email!


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