I am a nanny of 42 years experience,  trained and qualified in the mid 1970s. 

I trained in nurseries then realised that nannying was the career for me. I am pleased to say I have made it my  whole career! 

The changing face of nannying over the years interests me as in those days the vast majority of nannying jobs were full time, Monday to Friday. In the last 20 years there has been a change in this where women work 2-3 days a week so part time nannies are much more sought after. Career women these days don’t want to miss out on motherhood so they often find they are feeling they are splitting themselves into two, i. e. not totally committed to career and not totally committed to motherhood either. By trying to find a happy medium like this they often find they are more unhappy than if they were working 5 days a week or at home 5 days a week. 

The happiest women I have worked for over the 42 years I have been nannying have been the full time career women. Is this because we have been told over the last 20 or so years that women can have it all? 

It seems nannies are still having trouble getting recognised as professionals, although plenty of regulations have been introduced since I started my career i. e. OfSted, DBS. What a contrast to 75 years ago when nannies lived in with the family and looked after the children, the children’s children and the children’s children’s children! Talking to some of these much older women in their 90s it seems that they are surprised these days to hear that nannies get paid holidays or get holidays at all! Perks like cars, gym membership etc. totally unheard of! These were women that were totally dedicated to the families they worked for for life. They were looked after in their retirement by the families so didn’t need to worry about pensions and accommodation. What a contrast to the modern day nanny! 


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