Nannying is changing 

We hear this all the time.

What is changing? I see the working days split into 2 shifts, 2 and 3 days work are on the increase, parents working from home, the job market on the whole is tough.

Minimum living wage in London for the over 25 year old  is £9.75.

Many unskilled jobs offered will cover this rate and more. 

Unfortunately many of my nanny friends with many years experience, qualifications and certificates find themselves having to accept a position where the pay is not reflecting their worth! 

The prospect family can’t afford your rate which is reflecting your experience and qualification! What do you do? 

I know what most nannies do if they are pushed.

If you love your job and you have chosen nannying as your profession I urge you to always state your worth and explain yourself.

Nannying used to be a well respected profession. Now I fear we are on the brink of working for minimum wage (and less when you consider what share families are currently offering nannies)! 

Please, stand up for each other and ask for fair wages not minimum wages! 

To raise awareness we would like to hear and publish your nanny story, anonymously if preferred.

Please, send us your story via email


2 thoughts on “Do you know your worth? 

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. However, as long as unqualified childcarers are given the title ‘nanny’ us trained and qualified nannies will be grouped along side the others.
    I am not being snooty by the way so don’t all scream at once, just stating the obvious.


  2. I have been a nanny for ten years and my hourly rate has never been more than £10.50 NET which is what I currently receive. I work 60 hours a week. I have the weekends off but not getting home until 8:30pm every night is really hard. I think that I deserve more money but I don’t know how to ask for it.


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