Do you find yourself fretting over having the children during the holidays? Not sure where to go or what to do? Here are some tips that can help you survive the holiday madness.

Search online and ask around for age appropriate activities and play spaces. There are lots of places to find activities and fun days out. Try apps like Hoop and Time Out to see what’s on and ask other nannies.

Plan your weeks and make sure that the group that you want to go to is actually running. Some of your regular groups might not run during the summer holiday. It is a good idea to check what the organisers have planned for the summer break. You might also want to head further afield to a farm, the seaside or a castle. Big trips like this take a little extra planning.

Prepare some meals in advance and have a cash kitty for meals out. Make mealtimes fun and involve the children in cooking. You will have plenty of time since the children are not at school. Get creative making pizzas, baking, inventing new meals. If you are feeling brave you can let the children set the menu.

Have rest days. No school equals no rushing to get to anywhere. I have often had school children tell me that they want to do nothing for the day. Let them have a chill out every once in awhile. You could watch films, get the paddling pool out, try new hairstyles…

Have plenty of crafts and colouring to hand as these can keep the little ones entertained while you do the more time consuming tasks like laundry, cooking and ironing. I must admit that I am partial to a bit of colouring myself. Pinterest is a great app for craft and activity ideas. Also look for free printable downloads online.

If you can, link activities into your children’s interests and make the days fun and varied. Meet up with friends and have fun. Have a great summer holiday everyone! 

Article by Delithea Denton 


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