A child carer.

“So, you just simply play with children all day?”
“You just have to make sure they listen and obey?”
“Your job must be easy, your job seems a laugh.”
“It can’t really require the most highly skilled staff.”
“You must have the best ‘little’ job of them all.”
“You don’t have to think, you must have a ball.”
“You must just sit there day in and day out.”
“I don’t really get what your job is about.”
It’s amazing how often we hear all of this,
These words that people will venomously hiss,
Thinking that caring for a child is all smooth,
Presuming that we simply just cuddle and soothe.
I’ll state some of the roles of a child carer right here,
Although all of these roles won’t even come near,
To the amount of tasks we complete each damn day,
Or each of the rules we have to follow and obey.
To care for a child means to help grow and to nourish,
To help their potential so they will then flourish.
To read thirty books simply because they ask you too,
To help them, to go thirty times to the loo!
To continuously answer to the question of why,
Without wanting to shout, or to curse or to cry.
To explain each detail of as a matter of fact,
Without using sarcasm and getting yourself sacked.
To keep yourself cool and to feed their small mind,
To always be gentle, be caring and kind.
To have a conversation at the most inconvenient of all times,
Like when on the telephone or reading a book full of rhymes.
To practise the nativity for two months in a row,
Making sure that they all behave, practice and know.
To monitor their development, their growth and their being,
To make sure that you are then constantly seeing,
All their potential, their courage their flaws,
And setting up opportunities to open closed doors.
Helping them to understand what is not considered okay,
Or what is not nice to do or to say.
We encourage them to sit with the child that is sitting alone,
To remind them be optimistic and to try their best not to moan.
We encourage them to build sheer determination,
To have pride in each and every creation.
Helping to wipe their little tears away, kissing sore knees so the pain will not stay.
Using sentences most would deem as quite weird,
Like “Charlie, stop feeling Mr Smiths beard.”
“Annabelle, please don’t eat that pink chalk.”
“Ruby, please explain why you’re sad and won’t talk.”
It’s not just a career, it’s a life choice at the least,
Something that requires the patience of a priest.
So next time you arrogantly say to me,
“What is it that you actually do for this fee?”
Bare in mind that in this little job, we do it all,
To teach them, to guide them, pick them up when they fall.
Remember that you might have only one little bean,
We have twenty or thirty to be heard and be seen.
We are trained, we are taught, so have faith in us please,
We will teach your children what we can with great ease.
But please don’t belittle us, or deem us not fit,
Because you only see just a very small bit,
Of all of the things that we do in one day,
Just a small portion of what we do, see or say.
So please bare in mind that we do it all,
We will pick your child up when they stumble or fall.
We are their carers, and that’s exactly what we’ll do,
We are only a temporary replacement for you.
But in those small hours we promise to be there,

Because we are carers, and we really do care.

By Unknown